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English Weather, News, Ski Report - March 2, 2024



Meteo France are talking clouds, lots of them, but at 10.00, peering through RadioVal's big window
it is looking really nice so maybe choose to get out skiing ASAP.

It will snow later and continue snowing down to
1500 metres for the next few days.

The temperature has dropped.
At 10.00 it is

  • -3° in the Village.
  • -4° on Solaise.
  • -8° on Pisaillas.


No problems are expected for properly equipped cars and sensible drivers in our village but it is busy going up and down the mountain.


All our lifts and pistes are already open except the Tunnel piste in Le Fornet and the Tapis Poum on Solaise which has a technical problem which they are racing to fix.

Most of the pistes were groomed overnight.
Those not groomed are :


  • Fôret
  • Petit Bois
  • Table d’Orientation
  • Signal


  • Cugnai
  • S
  • Marmottons
  • 3000


  • Borsat
  • Stade Gerard Bonnevie

Worth noting that The Epaule du Charvet was groomed.

The Bronze Under Fourteens, including 26 of Val d'Isėre's own,  are racing on The Raye.

The Santons and the L may close early due to a high risk of avalanches.
Please don’t ski down a closed run.

You can only get through the  Gorge du Malpasset if
you are a well equipped and experienced climber,
or a mountain goat.

Tignes can be accessed via the Tommeuses or Borsat chairlifts.

The avalanche risk today is 3 out of 5.
Remember there are plenty of slabs still out there waiting to “go”.

IF you fancy skiing off piste ...
Why not book to ski with, and learn from, a mountain guide ?

The direct phone number for the ski patrol is on your lift pass.
They can help you much more quickly than if you dial 112.

All our walking paths and cross county tracks
are open apart from les Branges.


Another change-over day but the roads will be quieter than the last few Saturdays.
34,000 vehicles are heading to the mountain as measured between Albertville and Moutiers, and 32,000 homebound.
For those going downhill, the dual carriageway will be “busy” all morning,
but “normal-for-Saturday” this afternoon.
For those arriving, the times to avoid are
08.00 - 13.00
17.00 - 22.00
though the traffic shouldn't be as bad in the evening.

If you have to leave us, we recommend

  • a cheeky extra ski
  • tasty brunch
  • or early lunch

and leave between 12.00 - 16.00 or after 20.00.

Winter is busy chasing the Spring weather away, with serious snow fall, way lower than Val d'Isère,
expected tonight and tomorrow.
Great for those here skiing, but could cause all sorts of misery on the roads in the valley……..
Make sure you car is properly equipped, pack a dollop of patience, and drive carefully.

Very sad and shocking news....
A taxi driver was attacked on Thursday evening by two drunk, foreign, holidaymakers.
They refused to pay and instead beat  him up and tried to strangle him.
He is now off work due to these injuries, and
after an appointment at the prosecutors office in Albertville
his assailants are now in custody awaiting trial.

This is the last week of the French school holidays
with only the North of France (except Paris) still enjoying our slopes,
which should be 15% less busy than last week.

Tomorrows world champions, the Bronze Under fourteens,
are competing in a giant slalom on the Raye this morning.
The competitors include 26 young men and women from Val d’Isère.
The girls are opening the races today, and the boys are due to race tomorrow,
but all the races may be squeezed in today as the weather tomorrow is looking

The current World Cup ski heros are also busy this weekend.

The men are in the USA, waxing their skis for the Giant slalom in Aspen.

The ladies are in Norway.
They were hit by bad weather, so the compulsory two days training for their downhill
was cancelled and therefore todays downhill can not go ahead.
However, their Super G in Italy was cancelled last weekend, again
due to bad weather, and that is what they will do today instead as a
Super G
does not require days of practising before it is deemed safe to race the course.

Good luck to everyone racing today whatever age,
but particularly our young avalins.


This evening, if you fancy experiencing a winter sport other than skiing,
why not try ice-skating as the rink is open from until 20.00.
This sport always looks so glamorous, during the Olympics.

Alternatively you might be tempted by the pools at the Wellness Centre.

This is part of the Swimming Pool and Sports Centre, which is all open to 21.00.

Free Public Transport

The red shuttle bus (‘le train rouge’) runs between La Daille and Le Fornet, via the roundabout adjacent to the nursery slopes (‘Rond-point des pistes’) every 6 minutes from 07.00 to 20.00 and then every 20 minutes until 02.00.
The blue shuttle bus (‘le train bleu’) travels between the Rond-point des pistes and Legettaz every 15 minutes from 08.30 to 23.20.
The yellow shuttle bus (‘le train jaune’) takes you to the Manchet valley via the main street and the rue de la Balme every 20 minutes from 08.30 to 23.20.
The shuttle bus between Val d’Isère and Tignes does 6 round trips a day.

  • Leaving La Daille at 07.55, 08.35 and 10.50 in the morning and 16.25, 17.25 and 18.20 pm in the afternoon.
  • Leaving Tignes 1800 at 8.05, 8.45 and 11.00, in the morning and 16.35, 17.35 and 18.30 in the afternoon.

Opening times

The Swimming Pool and Sports Centre is open from 10.00 to 21.00.
The Ice-skating Rink is open from 10.00 to 20.00.
The Tourist Office is open from 08.30 to 20.00   
The Reservation Centre (in the basement of the Tourist Office) is open from 08.30 to 19.00.
The Post Office is open from 09.00 to 12.00.

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