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English Weather, News, Ski Report - January 26, 2024



Great news we will have a sunny day with, mostly, clear skies.
Who worries about an occasional cloud ?
There will however be some wind, blowing from the North West - 50-70 km/ hour at 3000 metres.
We have what we call a temperature inversion, so it is colder in the village than on the tops of our mountains.
Be careful when you go out of your chalets as the pavements that were slushy yesterday are icy morning.
There may be a small amount of rain, above 2500 metres, this evening.
Hopefully it will instead fall as snow.

At 09.30 the temperature is

  • -4° in the Village.
  • -2° on Solaise.
  • -3° on Pisaillas.

Maximum temperature is expected to be  +5 ° at 2000 meters.


If you are travelling today – ignore this information at your peril !
The Chignin toll and adjacent motorway will be blocked again by the disgruntled agricultural workers.
They are very effective.
It was horrendous yesterday…..
They should all pack up and go home sometime this evening but check before you head towards Chambery.


The conditions today are similar to yesterday so plenty of open lifts, and groomed pistes
but the Pisaillas lifts could close if affected by wind.

On Bellevarde

All the lifts and pistes are open and Santons SHOULD be open all day..
There will be training on the higher parts of the OK and Orange.
The following were not groomed :

  • Club de Sports
  • Epaule du Charvet

On Solaise

All the lifts are open apart from the 3000 draglift as the challenging work of clearning the snow so the lift can work effectively.
All the pistes will open apart from the 3000.
The following were not groomed overnight :

  • Combe martin
  • Glaciers
  • The Marmottons
  • The S

At le Fornet

The cable car and Vallon bubble may be affected by the wind.
Only the Tunnel piste is defintely closed.
The pistes that were not groomed are

  • Col   
  • Petit Bois
  • Foret

The lifts on Pisaillas are currently open and all the pistes are groomed.

Tignes can be accessed via the Tommeuses or Borsat chairlifts.

The avalanche risk today is 2 out of 5.

If considering skiing off piste.
Ski only off piste with people you trust
to be able to find you
and dig you out.
Maybe wait until you are with a mountain guide ?

Cross Country Skiing tracks are all open.
The track at La Daille was not groomed last night.

Our walking paths are all open except les Branges.
The Col de l’Iseran may not open if the lift that takes you down after your walk is likely to close due to the wind.


As it is Friday we will share the traffic news for the coming weekend.
There will be more people on the road between Moutiers from Albertville  than last week with 69,000 vehicles heading uphill and 65,000 homeward bound.
No problems are expected today but tomorrow will be slow and tricky on the roads……….in both directions.
If you have the luxury of choosing your travel times, and travelling downhill avoid
09.00 – 13.00
If you are eagerly heading towards us it woud be great if you could arrive either before 09.00 or after 18.00.
On Sunday it will be slowest leaving Val between 16.00 and 20.00 – presumably after you have had a nice day skiing !
Hopefully that will put you in a zen mood and you will drive in a safe, and patient, fashion.
Traffic should be free moving for anyone arriving on Sunday.

The Avaline Trax fulfilled all promises yesterday evening.
110 competitors !
It was fully subscribed by early afternoon, so anyone who turned up later and tried to register just before the race was disappointed.
Many then went up without bibs.
It attracks those passionate about ski touring races, who come back, from all over the Tarentaise, year after year.
Aurélie Crouvisier took only 35 minutes and 32  seconds to win the ladies, and Baptiste Eveillard won the mens in 29 minutes and 14 seconds.  
The group race. was wom by the team of enthusiasts.

The times were slower than last year, not because the very best had lost some of their fitness and  polish, but because the course was longer than usual.
Rather than climbing vertically in a direct line to the Folie Douce, the course followed the Brinzei touring track, which was extended so that the course went under the Tommeuse chairlift.
The evening finished in the Tontons bar, in the Val Square at La Daille, with drinks and tasty snacks for the competitors.
All very good humoured.

Today's Events


Come to the Savonnette piste for this fun and free experience.
The snow bodyboard is controlled by transferring your weight and gives you the impression that you are
above the surface of the snow.

You must wear a helmet and be over 9 years of age.

Children must be accompanied by a parent.

Suggestion of the Day

The Dish of the Day, today, Friday, at the Halles de Val is
salmon ‘paupiette’ with a lemon sauce.

There is another "Evening at 2512 metres"
Both today and tomorrow at 
la Plage de l’Ouillette Restaurant on the Top of Solaise.
Come and enjoy a truly special experience.
Please phone to reserve.
Don’t forget to get the Solaise bubble lift by 20.00.
Going up and down in the bubble, at night, overlooking the  bright lights of Val is fun in itself,
let alone the tasty food and drink in between.

Free Public Transport

The red shuttle bus (‘le train rouge’) runs between La Daille and Le Fornet, via the roundabout adjacent to the nursery slopes (‘Rond-point des Pistes’) every 6 minutes from 07.00 to 19.00 and then every 20 minutes until 02.00.

The blue shuttle bus (‘le train bleu’) travels between the Rond-point des Pistes and Legettaz every 15 minutes from 08.30 to 23.20.

The yellow shuttle bus (‘le train jaune’) takes you to the Manchet valley via the main street and the rue de la Balme every 20 minutes from 08.30 to 23.20.

The shuttle bus between Val d’Isère and Tignes does 6 round trips a day.

  • Leaving La Daille at 07.55, 08.35 and 10.50 in the morning and 16.25, 17.25 and 18.20 pm in the afternoon.
  • Leaving Tignes 1800 at 8.05, 8.45 and 11.00, in the morning and 16.35, 17.35 and 18.30 in the afternoon.

Opening times

The Swimming Pool and Sports Centre is open from 10.00 to 21.00.
The Ice-Skating Rink is open from 14.00 to 18.00.
The Tourist Office is open from 08.30 to 19.30.
The Multimedia Library is open from 14.00 to 18.00.
The Town Hall (La Mairie) is open from 9.00 to 12.00 and from 14.00 to 17.00.
The Association for Employees in Val d’Isère (Vie Val Dis) is open from 09.00 – 12.00 and 14.00 to 16.00.
The Reservation Centre (On the Lower Ground Floor of the Tourist Office) is open from 08.30 to 19.00.
The Post Office is open from 09.00 to 12.30 and from 14.00 to 17.30.

PIDA lundi matin sur l'ensemble du domaine skiable.

La route est blanche en station, noire à la sortie des tunnels

Fermeture de la route entre le Fornet et les Richardes aux piétons et de la route du Chatelard a partir de 19h.

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