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English Weather, News, Ski Report - February 22, 2024



It is snowing this morning. So pretty ! Falling gently in the village and refreshing the cover on our slopes.
Hower the sad news is that, towards lunchtime, it may rain, as high as 2400 metres.
Then this will turn to snow later this afternoon and carry on overnight. So not all bad !

It is still quite warm.
At 9.40 the temperature is

  • +2° in the Village.
  • -1° on Solaise.
  • -4° on Pisaillas

.It is likely to be windy, particularly this afternoon

You may have noticed that we haven’t so far mentioned either sun or visabilty.  
The former is missing, and the latter "challenging".


Properly equipped cars will not have any problem on our local roads despite the new snow.


All our lifts and  pistes are open except for the Tunnel piste in Le Fornet.
However wind and poor visibility may mess with our plans and in particular affect the following :


  • The Boarder Cross
  • The Snow Park


  • At le Fornet in particular the Vallon Bubble
  • On the Pisaillas
  • Those bringing you back from Tignes.

Most of the pistes were groomed overnight.

Those not groomed are


  • Fôret
  • Petit Bois
  • Table d’Orientation
  • Signal


  • Cugnai
  • Ecureil
  • S
  • Marmottons


  • Borsat
  • Epaule du Charvet

If visibility allows :
There will be training this morning on

  • the upper parts of the OK
  • the upper part of the Orange

There will be racing on

  • The Raye
  • The G

The Santons and the L will be closing much earlier than the last few days due to high risk of avalanches.

Don't make our ski patrollers job harder by skiing down a closed run.

Tignes can be accessed via the
Tommeuses or Borsat chairlifts.
But remember that it may be windy later this afternoon, so be careful to get back in case the lifts close early.
However, don’t panic as there are also free shuttle buses.

The avalanche risk today has risen to 3 out of 5 due to

  • New snow
  • A poor refreeze
  • Wind

IF you fancy skiing off piste
It is is even more important on days when the visibility is poor to be absolutely certain that
you know
where you are heading
and the current condition of the snow
NOT what it was like last winter.

Ski only with people who regularly practice successful beep searches and digging.
Why not book to ski with a mountain guide ?

All our walking paths and cross county tracks are open apart from les Branges and Col de L’iseran.

If you are lucky enough to have a furry friend, please pick up their poo as otherwise
you will be "asked" to donate 135 euros to the Police.


The Paname Comedy Cub has joined fellow Parisians by leaving its famous base
and taking a holiday in Val d’Isère, albeit mixing work with pleasure.
So 4 stand ups will be strutting their stuff this evening at the Henri Oreiller Conference Centre.
Testament to their fame and popularity, more than 600 tickets were sold yesterday evening.
Therefore they have added an extra show at 20.30, in addition to the one already planned for 19.00.
If you haven’t already got a ticket, you can buy them at the venue.
To remind you – 4 stand-up comedians, will entertain you, each in their own particular way.
Be CAREFUL as they are into audience participation, particularly for those ‘lucky’, brave or foolish enough to be seated in the first row.
Listen carefully this morning to Radioval as there are tickets to be won !

Masters Students from the University of Savoie Mont-Blanc have been carefully studying the Iseran
with the aim is to research, develop and publish proposals of how to improve the area in a way that is
sustainable, preserves & promotes the local heritage, and the environment while remaining attractive to tourists.
They will present the results at a public meeting next Thursday 29th February which everyone is welcome to attend.

There was another Medal Ceremony yesterday evening.
Chantal Mariot  was awarded our "new-this-season" platinum medal because she has been returning for 68 years.
We call that LOYAL.
However less loyal than Hugette Meyer, who has been coming here for 69 years.

Finally 80 years were rewarded with gold medals to the twins François et Olivier Lamirand,
who have each clocked up 40 years.
It was a great evening, with the Loyalty Medal Winners surrounded by their
sponsors, family and friends.

Our ski patrollers, will be demonstrating and talking about the different aspects of their work
to local employees who belong to Vie Val d'Is.
A good opportunity to remind us of the right steps to take when someone is injured,
or you are a witness to an accident, on the mountain, including life saving First Aid.
For more information, and to Register, please contact the Vie Val d'Is on 04 79 06 84 78.

Today's Events

Come to le Fornet and meet the Bailletaz nature reserves rangers
on the path that heads towards Pont St Charles.
They will share their expert knowledge
so you can learn about our mountain fauna.

It is busy on the Savonnette nursery slope this evening !
17.45 - 19.45
Try Yooner

This modern version of a Paret which was originally
wooden and consisted of a single ski,
a plank to sit on and
a handle for ‘ control’
but the Yooner is a new light, comfortable,
easy to handle sledge.
Children must be at least 7 years old, and accompanied by a parent.
It is free and you don’t have to reserve.    

There is a much younger, MUCH cuter version of Tuesday's torchlight descent.
Children will ski down holding lanterns. 
if you know a child who would also love to light up our hearts and slopes,
please contact the ESF, the French Ski School.

Suggestions of the Day

There is another
Evening at 2512 metres’
From 19.00 both today at la Plage de l’Ouillette Restaurant on the top of Solaise.
You must phone to reserve.
Don’t forget to get the Solaise Bubble Lift by 20.00.

Why not book to have Dinner under the Stars, at 2551 metres.
From 19.00 TOMORROW evening.  
The bubble lift  that takes you up Solaise is opened for Gigi’s guests
This will be a special ride BOTH
seeing the night lights of Val
taking you away from the hustle and bustle
of everyday life.
Please remember to  phone
+33 4 58 83 00 91
or email
to reserve your place

The Etincelle Restaurant on the nursery slope is open this evening.
Beautiful location, delicious food.
To share with your Family and friends.

From 17.30 - 20.00
"Happy Hour" again at the POYA
Buy one get one free !
If you buy a standard cocktail,
you will get a second for free.
Enjoy yourselves !

Free Public Transport

The red shuttle bus (‘le train rouge’) runs between La Daille and Le Fornet, via the roundabout adjacent to the nursery slopes (‘Rond-point des pistes’) every 6 minutes from 07.00 to 20.00 and then every 20 minutes until 02.00.
The blue shuttle bus (‘le train bleu’) travels between the Rond-point des pistes and Legettaz every 15 minutes from 08.30 to 23.20.
The yellow shuttle bus (‘le train jaune’) takes you to the Manchet valley via the main street and the rue de la Balme every 20 minutes from 08.30 to 23.20.
The shuttle bus between Val d’Isère and Tignes does 6 round trips a day.

  • Leaving La Daille at 07.55, 08.35 and 10.50 in the morning and 16.25, 17.25 and 18.20 pm in the afternoon.
  • Leaving Tignes 1800 at 8.05, 8.45 and 11.00, in the morning and 16.35, 17.35 and 18.30 in the afternoon.

Opening times

The Swimming Pool and Sports Centre is open from 10.00 to 21.00.
The Ice-Skating Rink is open from 14.00 to 20.00.
The Tourist Office is open from 08.30 to 19.30.
The Multimedia Library is open from 14.00 to 18.00.
The Town Hall (La Mairie) is open from 9.00 to 12.00 and from 14.00 to 18.00.
The Association for Employees in Val d’Isère (Vie Val Dis) is open from 15.00 to 18.00.
The Reservation Centre (On the Lower Ground Floor of the Tourist Office) is open from 08.30 to 19.00.
The Post Office is open from 09.00 to 12.30 and from 14.00 to 17.30.

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